Below, you will see a list of the Non-U.S. dealers that are carrying the Baby Beaver Musky Lure. I am currently working to add more dealers.

If you are interested in becoming a dealer for Beaver's Baits, you can contact me using Email at:

Located In Ontario Canada

NorthShore Musky Baits

Northshore Musky Baits started in the spring of 2014. What started as a passionate hobby to bring some of the best handcrafted musky lures to the industry has now become a passionate career.

At Northshore we are now stocking baits made all over North America. With a store located in North Eastern Ontario and a shipmaster hub in Wisconsin we are able to fit the needs of many musky anglers and provide people with some extremely hard to find custom baits and custom colours.

I pride myself on dealing with as many customers one on one whether through social media, telephone or email.

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Swimbait Specialist Down Under

Swimbait Specialist Down Under is an Australian owned business specialising in premium BIG baits.

Guided by two motto's - 'Size does matter' and 'Don't take a knife to a gun fight' we are proud to provide Australian anglers with a concise range of quality unique BIG baits direct from the U.S.A.

In an industry full of copy cats and imitations we have put extensive work into researching, sourcing, and testing the baits available at Swimbait Specialist Down Under.

Holland Lures

We are very pleased to add Holland Lures to our growing family of dealers.

The history of this webshop brings us way back in time. What started as fishing in creeks in the east part of Holland on bass and pike is now a addiction for predator fishing on big pike and zander.

Trying new products and break records is the goal. In our search for new and catching products we came in contact with Muskie Metal Lures in USA. 

This contact resulted in a good and friendly cooperation. The will to adjust products for the European market in size, color and hooksize is excelent. 

And more special brands to come in the future!