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Baby Beaver Testimonials


Thanks for making me those baits. I can't wait to tie them on this fall!!

My favorite thing about these baits is that they catch fish. I don't get to fish as much as I like anymore, but when I get out on the water I want to be able to catch fish, and these baits have come through for me. I like how versatile they are, you can count them down and work them through the middle of the water column or work them up, over and through the weeds, the possibilities are endless. They cast like a dream, especially into the wind, and are absolutely effortless to retrieve. Make the most of you time on the water and tie on a baby beaver!

I will be in touch this fall. I will send you the pics of the fish I catch on the new baits.

Thanks again,
Jeff Vollmer

The minute I heard about this lure I was intrigued, and from the moment I saw one in the water I had to have one.  This lure is unlike any lure I have seen. From the realistic imagry to the precise way it mimics a swimming beaver in the water, the realism is seemingly unmatched by any other lure.  And my favorite part about this lure, it is so easy to use!  Cast it out and reel it in, twitch it, jerk it, it moves like itís supposed to and it attracts fish.  In the short time that I have used this lure I have out fished everyone else in the boat. The Baby Beaver has become a must have in my tackle box and I will never be seen fishing without one by my side again.

Jesse Zajack


I have been around this bait from the very beginning to what it has become now. I can honestly say that this bait is absolutely one of a kind. It's super easy to work and it simply catches fish.

It is on one of my rods at all times it really shines on the small rivers I fish, muskies hit this bait so hard it's unbelievable. They hold up extremely well I have one beaver I have 15 fish on before I had to retire it you can't say that about most baits on the market.

Thank you,
Coty Pihlaja


As a professional muskie and trophy pike guide I know the importance of a lure that can produce time and time again.
This lure consistently catches muskies and trophy pike from early spring through summer and until freeze up.

This lure is the Baby Beaver.  Unlike many muskie lures that are heavy and cumbersome to throw and retrieve, the Baby Beaver is easy to cast and lightweight to retrieve. In fact there is no wrong way to work it.
The Baby Beaver has easily become one of my favorite go to lures to produce the trophyís my clients are looking for.

Finally a lure that does it all!

Steve Scepaniak
Predator Guide Service


After fishing this bait for over a year now it truly is a go to bait!!! It is that one bait that will give all the confidence in the world. I can honestly say that these baits give me the chills every time I use them. I don't care what style of fisherman you are, you need to get one and try it. I bet you will get more!!!

It is a bait that can be used in so many situations, and used in so many ways you canít screw it up! Pump it, burn it, pull pause, slow roll, deep structure, on top of weeds, whatever.....

The baby beaver was started by a person that truly loves what he does and what he offers to the Muskie fishing community. From the head to the tail, the bait is made with one thing in mind, quality that is backed !!!

Travis Perkins


As one of the Top Professional Muskie guides in MN & WI, the last 15 years I have never seen a bait like the Baby Beaver that is so different than anything else that is out in the Muskie/ Pike world. For my clients this bait is effortless to throw and retrieve. The great thing that makes this bait so special, (Baby Beaver) is that there is no right or wrong way to work it back to the boat, you can straight retrieve it, long pulls or twitch it. Any way my clients or I have fished it we have caught fish with it. I also have almost every client that use this bait they say how fun it is to use. You canít say that about many baits. The action is unreal and is so realistic as it dances thru the water no matter how you use it.

Baby Beaverís come in 2 sizes, I love both of them and have had fun over this season changing the tail colors up on these baits and catching lots of fish on them. I have also taken the small baby beaver and put the big tail on it. The bait is so versatile and the color options are endless. The bait is very well made and holds up to multiple muskies and so far have not had to retire one yet.

If you are looking for the next best bait on the market, and have a bait that is unlike anything else out on the market and want to catch muskies and BIG muskies I would make sure you have some Baby Beavers in your boat.

Dustin Carlson
Northland Muskie Adventures Guide Serivce