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Thank you for your interest in the latest innovation in Musky fishing lures. My name is Brian Boyum (my nickname has been Beaver for as long as I can remember), and I am the owner and manufacturer of Beaver's Baits.

I started musky fishing in 1991; my first fish came that summer. My first fish was a 36" Muskie and at that time that was a legal fish for the state of MN.

Just like everyone else, when I caught my first Muskie, I was struck with 'Muskie Fever'. Throughout the years, I hand tied my own bucktails and hand carved top waters and crank baits.

As time went on, I noticed a trend in the market that most baits resembled fish and there were NOT many baits that represented an actual animal. I am a firm believer that Muskie and pike, mainly the larger ones, have at one point in there life, eaten muskrats, mink, squirrels ducks or any small animal that enters the water.

After some contemplation, I thought of a way to recreate the life like appearance of an animal swimming in the water.

Once I had the bait completed I had to name it and since my nick name has been Beaver my whole life, I decided to name it after myself and that is how the Baby Beaver was born.

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